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Why Burys?

Having trouble fitting in dreaded paperwork with work and a family, looking after relatives or dealing with dementia or illness? At Burys, all the staff have had the harrowing experience of dementia, Alzheimer's disease, illness or the loss of family members. There is no team better placed to help and guide your family through the same . 

Experienced professionals

The team at Burys are qualified solicitors with over 68 years combined experience.

Unique approach

Home visit service, without an additional cost, or travel for you. All at your home.

Privacy & confidentiality

Some people prefer the comfort of their own home, especially vulnerable or elderly clients, whilst maintaining privacy. It can also be a place of your choosing where you find convenience.

Time for you

Every appointment is tailored to you. With no travel time, parking or time off work- you can easily fit in important and necessary documents.
by Joanne Bury 18 Jul, 2017
I have finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to my site. I have always wanted an easy way to share information with visitors and I’m super excited to start this journey. Keep coming back to my site and check for updates right here on the blog.
by Joanne Bury 18 Jul, 2017
As a tutor at university, I have the pleasure of teaching across a broad spectrum of students. People from all walks of life and indeed stages of life, brought together within our community by a single purpose of studying for a better future.

From this, I have the opportunity to meet a variety of potential candidates to be assessed over a period of time, and assist them in their next steps- may be even their dream job!

There have been many students that have had all the potential and grades to achieve a successful future- but every now and again, one shines so bright that they cannot be ignored.

Melissa Cooper embodies everything that a Burys family member could hope to be. Her work ethic throughout her degree was exceptional- so committed to her own academic work, future and grades; she never forgot her peers and continued to strive for them in her stint as Student Law Society President. Melissa has maintained this level of work during her work experience with us and as a valued member of staff and has fast become my right arm in the office.

Passion is hardly enough to describe her drive for the family, having dealt with Alzheimer's disease with her own grandparents; this has proved an affinity for the type of work we do, the people we help on a daily basis and the reason why we are a Burys family.

Getting to know her, meant that there were other qualities that were able to be uncovered- such as her drive to be British Sign Language qualified. This was a pleasant surprise, as I am BSL level 2 qualified and dote on my youngest son who is profoundly deaf.

This demonstrates that you never know and are constantly learning and can always be surprised by the people right under your nose. I have now had the fortune of mentoring Melissa, seeing her grow as a person and nurturing those qualities into what I know will be a formidable solicitor- just right for our family and your family.

All along, we didn't need to look any further- home grown talent all the way!

Who are we?

We are a small affair but with big personalities and celebrate our individuality within our team. This reflects our ethos and services provided for our clients. 

We understand that you are an individual with your own specific legal needs and do not always appreciate a ‘one size fits all’ approach. That’s why we are flexible and personalise our services directly to your needs; for example many of our clients prefer to have home appointments in their own time or somewhere local, rather than taking the time off work to visit a solicitor’s office. 

We don’t use technical legal jargon. We speak in plain and clear terms so that you understand all aspects of your matter- rather than dazzle you with fancy talk!

Why we started
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Our expertise

We excel and specialise at preparing legal documents in Wills, Powers of Attorney and dealing with Probate on the death of a loved one.
It was refreshing to have a solicitor visit me in my own home rather than visit an office. I didn’t feel threatened- instead, I was able to remain safe and secure in my own home environment. It was a very professional service, which was clear without any legal jargon.
“It was refreshing to have a solicitor visit me in my own home rather than visit an office. I didn’t feel threatened- instead, I was able to remain safe and secure in my own home environment. It was a very professional service, which was clear without any legal jargon."

Mrs N Huggins, Colne 

“It was really convenient being able to come home from work and be visited in the evening around my shift patterns, rather than take time off work. Extremely pleased with the friendly and professional service. Advice was clear and well explained in simple terms. I would definitely recommend."

Mrs Kirkham, Blackburn

“I am 73 years old and in my lifetime I have had legal dealings with quite a few solicitors, such as house purchases, Wills, Powers of Attorney etc. Burys Solicitors have a unique way of conducting business with clients, by coming to your home. This made it feel a personal and homely way of conducting my affairs. Extremely satisfied”

Mr Le-Moine, Blackburn

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